Wedding Dress Advice From the Stars

Need a little help with the search for your bridal gown? If you’re going to take advice from your mom, and your college roommate, you might as well listen to what the ancients have to say too.

I wouldn’t dream of making style or fabric suggestions to you, Aries – you’ve never had trouble knowing your own mind. What I would suggest, though, is learning to SLOW DOWN in your search. I know, I know – you want what you want when you want it! But when it comes to bridal gowns, the patience to comparison shop can be crucial. Unless you’re in a vintage resale store and have Princess Grace’s actual wedding gown in your hands at 70% off, force yourself to sleep on it – or at least take a meal’s worth of time to think on it – before you make your final call.

I don’t worry about your ability to find a good bargain, Taurus, or your willingness to let yourself go when it’s time to splurge a little. You have a great sense of the difference between price and value. I know you’ll find a wedding dress that’s well-made and that looks good on you. What you sensual bulls need to keep in mind is that you need to find a gown that feels as good as it looks. You’ll never be comfortable or happy in a heavy, itchy brocade. Go for the gown that makes your skin sing and you’ll be happy all day.

Even if you haven’t started looking for your dress, Gemini, I bet you’ve already started thinking and talking about it. Drawn a few sketches, made a few lists? By all means, entertain yourself – you always have great ideas – but give yourself a deadline for getting serious and doing the footwork. Making that final decision is going to be a tough one for you (How did you ever settle on just one groom?), so may I offer some advice? Budget for a wedding gown for the ceremony and a second dress for the reception. It’ll give you some freedom for dancing and help keep both your minds happy.

You’re the one sign I don’t necessarily recommend shopping for a dress to, Cancer. With your strong family ties, you’re the perfect candidate to wear your mother or grandmother’s gown – but don’t be shy about asking if you can have it altered to suit your own special style. As sensitive as you can be to other people’s emotions, your wedding day is definitely a time to take care of yourself too. Make sure your dress has something of personal significance that makes you smile, whether it’s a subtle bit of embroidery or a secret flash of color in the lining.

Your wedding day puts you in your element, Leo – at the center of attention. It’s your day, so go as big and bold as you want! If anyone can pull off a bright red wedding gown, it’s you. My advice? Absolutely treat yourself like royalty when choosing a gown… but don’t forget that your wallet doesn’t have a palace treasury attached. You may also want to think outwards when choosing your gown; scout out your venue to get a sense of the whole tableau of your ceremony. That way you can art direct yourself as the center of the whole… or choose a gown that makes you pop right out.

I know you’ve budgeted properly for your dress, Virgo, and I have a feeling you’ve planned out and been sensitive to your bridesmaids’ budgets too. And you’ve taken care of the relatives who will be visiting, and you’ve thought about making sure the groomsmen feel comfortable… You do a lot for other people, and you are endlessly practical, Virgo, so on your wedding day, take a little walk on the wild side. Of course you know you can pull off sweet, feminine innocence – you’re who the original blushing bride was based on, after all – but that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to know about you. Change your traditional wedding dress up with an unusual cut, some intriguing color points, or a short, flirty hemline. Or go with that traditional, demure long dress… and wear your naughtiest lingerie underneath.

You’re a natural diplomat, Libra, and you do (duh) like a certain balance to things. Which doesn’t mean you can’t stand out. Balance the looks of your bridesmaids and groomsmen and then you get to wear whatever you want at the center without throwing anything off. You like to be among friends and I know you want their approval on such an important purchase, but don’t bring them dress shopping with you until you’re sure you know exactly what you want. Your natural tendency will be to adjust to make them feel like their views count… which means compromising on your wedding gown. Once you have a clear vision, bring along the pal who you know appreciates your taste and good judgement.

There’s no sign in the zodiac more passionate than you, Scorpio – and no sign more likely to keep her passions carefully hidden. Well, your wedding day is the day to let them out, honey. Make those friends of yours in the airy-fairy signs think twice! Just this once, choose a dress that shows just a little more of the woman inside than you’re used to letting the world see. You don’t have to give up your usual composure – just add a subtle hint of sex to it. Trust me – it’ll only deepen your mystery to your friends in ways that you’ll love, and it will knock your groom’s socks off.

I hope you don’t feel frustrated by shopping for your dress, Sagittarius; I know how constrained you can feel by traditional boundaries. Try to look at it as an exploration, and remember that brides are pushing wedding dress boundaries farther than ever before. I’m hoping you’ve got a beach wedding and a light, swirly dress planned, but if you do feel the need to go traditional, get yourself a gown with a breakaway train – that way you can be free when you feel like you’ve just got to move.

You sometimes get a tough rap in horoscope books Capricorn – everyone talks about your down-to-earth nature and very few give proper credit to the deep, loving bonds you form with a few very lucky souls. Go ahead and appease your practical nature by shopping in vintage or resale stores as well as retail shops for your bridal gown, but give your softer side a little time in the sun too. You may not be comfortable with either word, but on your wedding day you really are allowed to be full-on gorgeous – and even sweet if you want to be. Insist on the neckline that you know flatters you best, and choose two totally impractical details, whether it’s a little frivolous beading or a long, flowing veil.

My best piece of advice to you, Aquarius, is to look for your wedding dress anywhere but a bridal salon. You’ll be bored to tears, and the salesladies will be nervous when you go all dreamy in the racks. Your vision is way ahead of the rest of us, so head off on that road less traveled and choose the dress that no one else in the world would think of. Better yet, find yourself a seamstress and get her to help you design a gown that’s as unique and unpredictable as you are.

Is it too obvious to tell you to go with a mermaid silhouette, Pisces? You’ll look drop-dead gorgeous, and you’re the one bride in the zodiac who will feel oddly comfortable in its constraining lines. If that’s not quite your style, go with soft, flowing fabrics that give you a little rustle to enjoy. When it comes to shopping, high-pressure salespeople are the exact wrong mix for a sensitive Pisces. You feel better when paired anyway, so bring along one good pal to run interference. And enjoy the fact that you’re heading for the best pairing of all.

A Super-Simple Guide to Being the Best Man at a Wedding

You’ve been asked to be best man at a wedding. What an honor! Someone clearly thinks very highly of you – you must be quite the guy.

Flattered to the hilt, you happily agreed, but now that you’ve gotten yourself into this, you realize you may not be entirely sure what you supposed to do as the best man. Just what exactly are the responsibilities of the best man?

Yeah, I know, you’re usually a pretty confident guy, but now you’re feeling just a touch nervous and a little unsure of yourself. Maybe you haven’t been to that many weddings, and if you have, I’m betting you weren’t carefully studying the best man. The maid of honor, maybe – but not the best man. No doubt you had much better things to do!.

So now that you’ve been selected to wear these shoes, you’re feeling uneasy…You don’t want to come off looking foolish, and you don’t want to get anything wrong.

Chill, honey. This is going to be a piece of cake for you. We’ll run you through everything you need to know, and you’ll pull it off with class and ease. You’ll be the man of the hour by the time you’re through this little crash course. A real confidence man.

Let’s take it from the top, shall we?

What is a best man?

The best man is the person selected to “stand up for the groom” at the wedding. The best man must be of legal age because he also serves as a legal witness to the marriage. (Remember, apart from all the wedding hoopla, marriage is a legal contract!).

During the ceremony, the best man stands next to the groom (to the groom’s right side). If there are other male attendants (ushers or groomsmen), they will stand to your right side.

If there is no ring bearer for the wedding (the little guy who carries that frilly little pillow onto which the rings are sometimes tied), the best man may be asked to hold the rings during the ceremony until the big moment comes for the couple to exchange vows and rings.

Since the best man serves as a legal witness, towards the end of the ceremony you will accompany the bride, groom, and maid or matron of honor (who is also a witness), to witness the signing of the legal documents.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the best man escorts the Maid or Matron of Honor up the aisle, following directly behind the bride and groom.

As you exit the church, you will stand with the bride, groom, and other bridal party attendants to pose for photos.

If all of this seems a little overwhelming or difficult to remember, don’t worry – it will all be carefully explained, and you’ll get the chance to practice it, and ask any questions you may have, at the wedding rehearsal a day or two before the wedding.

The Right Man for the Job

So who should be a best man at a wedding? If you are asking this, you’re second guessing yourself pal. The groom picked you because you’re the man! He knows what he’s doing, so relax.

The best man may be the best friend of the groom, or a buddy of the groom; he may be a brother, step-brother, or close cousin of the groom; he may even be the father or the step-father of the groom – which, in this wedding expert’s personal opinion, totally rocks (who could be more deserving of this honor than dear old Dad?).

What are the duties of the best man?

Let’s start with the best part first, shall we? If you’d like, you can host a stag party for the groom. I bet I don’t need to explain what that is. Keep in mind that stags are optional; you are not obligated to host one, but you may do so if you wish – and IF the groom does not object to the idea. (No, really. Some guys don’t want a stag). You might also ask the other male attendants in the wedding party if they’d like to host it with you, but they too are under no obligation. It’s strongly recommended that you discuss your intentions with the groom before making any firm plans for a stag. Some guys have agreements with their brides-to-be that there will be no stag party, and others have made promises about the types of activities which will and will not be involved. This can be a very touchy issue for many brides-to-be, and today many grooms, of their own free will, simply prefer to keep things pretty tame and mellow. The last thing the best man should be doing is creating upset between the bride and groom, so remember, talk to the groom-to-be about the types of activities that he is interested in, and determine what will be acceptable.

Attend fittings for tuxedos or suits at the scheduled time.

Attend any pre-wedding meetings or parties for the wedding attendants.

Attend the wedding rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner (that part is easy, just show up and enjoy!).

On the day of the wedding, arrive at the groom’s home prior to the ceremony to provide him with moral support, and ensure he gets to the church on time!

Hold on to the wedding rings and the marriage licence prior to the ceremony and guard them with your life! Make sure you have these prior to leaving for the ceremony. If the couple will be leaving for their honeymoon directly after the reception, you may also be asked to hold any plane tickets for safe keeping until the couple is ready to depart the reception.

Hang on to the payment for the ceremony officiant (the minister, rabbi, or other religious officiant, or the judge in the case of a civil ceremony) as well as payments for any ceremony musicians (organist, soloist, string ensemble, etc.), and ensure everyone gets paid at the end of the ceremony.

You may be required to stand in the receiving line either immediately after the ceremony or at the start of the reception. Sometimes the best man and groomsmen are excused from participating in the receiving line – this will be the couple’s call.

It is traditional and customary for the best man to make a toast to the groom at the reception. If you are so inspired, at your option you may also toast the bride, or toast the bride and groom together as a couple. No raunchy stories please – this isn’t the time or place. The groom’s grandma and great Aunt Alice will be there. Not to mention his new wife. Keep it classy.

Sometimes the best man is also asked to serve as Master of Ceremonies (otherwise known as the MC) at the reception, while in other instances, someone totally different may fill this role. If you are asked to MC, at the appropriate time, usually following the meal, you’ll have the job of introducing the bridal party seated at the head table, and of announcing special guests (like the brides great-great-great-great grandma), or out-of-towners. At the appropriate time, you’ll announce any of the individuals who will be proposing a toast or making a speech. You’ll read any telegrams that have been sent to the bride and groom from out-of-town guests who could not attend, and you’ll make any other special announcements that are passed on to you. Now don’t let any of this get you uptight – the bride and groom should provide you with written notes and instructions to prompt you on who to introduce and what to announce, you won’t be expected to memorize it! Once the dinner portion of the festivities is over, and the party really starts to get under way, all MC tasks are usually taken over by the DJ or band leader, freeing you up to party down!

Hang on to the payments for the vendors who will be providing services at the reception, and disburse the vendor payments to the appropriate individuals at the end of the reception.

Help the bridal couple make a smooth exit at the end of the reception. Ensure that a car will be waiting for them, or drive the new Mr. and Mrs. yourself (only if you’ve been sipping nothing stiffer than soda-pop throughout the evening, otherwise leave the driving to someone sober).

Other miscellaneous responsibilities:

You may be asked to run the occasional errand, help in decorating cars or the reception room on the wedding day, or other such small tasks. The couple will let you know if they are in need of any of these sorts of favors from you.

What expenses is the best man responsible for?

As the best man, you’ll need to cover the cost of your wedding day attire – tux or suit, shirt, tie, appropriate dress shoes. Generally the couple will choose the attire for you and the other wedding attendants, but it’s still up to you to pay for what you’ll wear. The couple may have you and the other attendants rent tuxes (which will generally run you between $50 – $100), purchase new suits, or, in the case of a less formal wedding, an easy going couple may allow you to wear a suit you already own (assuming you have one which is appropriate), but don’t hold your breath on that one!

Like any other wedding guests, you’ll also need to budget for a gift for the happy couple, if you intend to give them one. Etiquette says that gifts at a wedding are never “required”, and should never be expected by the couple. However, though wedding gifts aren’t mandatory, they are somewhat customary, so do what feels right for you.

If you don’t live in the same city or town where the wedding is taking place, etiquette requires that the couple cover accommodation expenses for attendants who must travel to participate in the wedding (but you pay for your own transportation). Now brace yourself here; not every bride and groom today is as up on their etiquette as they should be. If your bride and groom seem oblivious to the fact that this is the proper thing for them to do, you can always send them to this article to give them a gentle heads-up.

There it is in a nutshell. With all this info under your belt, you’ll pull this gig off like you’ve done it endless times before. Now there’s just one last instruction… Enjoy the wedding!

by Linda Kevich


10 Essentials For Brides at Their Wedding – Tips to Keep You Looking Your Best

It’s the day of your wedding, and the tips and advice you received from your mother, friends, and loved ones have paid off and you look and feel beautiful. Time has been spent arranging your hair just so, making up your face perfectly, and getting you ready for your big day. Many times, however, brides just consider the big picture – and often forget how uncomfortable they may be during the ceremony or reception in a hot, heavy dress with four-inch heels. It’s a bad scenario, but it happens. To keep you up, dancing, and mingling with your guests, here are a few of the most essential bride must-haves for your wedding day. With a little forethought and a carefully packed cocktail bag, you can be prepared for whatever the day has in store with these wedding tips!

The Top 10 Bride Must-Haves

1. Comfortable shoes: One of the most essential bride must-haves is comfortable shoes. Imagine having to dance and walk around in those four-inch heels for a few hours. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? Not buying comfortable shoes is the reason that many brides switch to flip-flops during the reception. Though a quick wardrobe change is one option, consider testing out the shoes you buy well in advance. One of the more routine wedding tips that experts suggest is to walk around your home to break the shoes in and ensure you don’t get any annoying blisters in the process. After all, squinting and wincing in your pictures will not be pretty. And if you’re insistent on those pretty, but painful four-inch heels, bring along another pair of more comfortable shoes for the after party – some simple flats will do the trick!

2. Breathable gown: Much like your shoes, one of the best bride must-haves is a wedding dress that moves with you. A constricting dress will make you cringe as much as those shoes do, and tugging and jerking the fabric will damage it, not to mention alert everyone to the fact that you’re extremely uncomfortable. Try your dress on beforehand. When trying it on at the shop, if it feels too tight, then your wedding day will be no different. Move around and get a feel for the dress to ensure that you are at ease on your big day.

3. Waterproof mascara: Oh, there will be lots of tears shed – by you, your mother, your close friends, and family. But, you’ll be heartbroken when you see your mascara making bee lines all over your face. One of my favorite wedding tips is to wear waterproof mascara to combat the ‘raccoon look.’ Wearing waterproof mascara on your wedding day will keep your makeup looking fresh, and you’ll rest assured that you have no smudges to worry about.

4. Long-lasting lipstick: From eating to kissing, your lipstick has many opportunities to fade or smear away. Before deciding on one brand or color, try it out for awhile. Wear it while doing all the things you normally do to see if it has the possibility of fading, smudging, or smearing. And make sure you pack the tube of lipstick in your ‘bride must-haves’ bag!

5. Durable antiperspirant: Whether your dress is sleeveless or not, antiperspirant that stands the test of time is an absolute necessity. You want to stay clean, fresh, and sweet-smelling throughout the ceremony and reception, and one of the many wedding tips that experts suggest is to use long-lasting antiperspirant. The only way to guarantee this, of course, is with durable and/or prescription strength deodorant/antiperspirant. This extra layer of protection will give you more confidence in whatever you’re doing.

6. Small compact mirror: Throughout the ceremony and reception, you’ll be relieved that you had your little compact mirror on hand. Tucked away in a small cocktail purse with your other bride must-haves, it’s just a little bit of added confidence. You can quickly check for makeup smudges and reapply as needed or see if any food particles have become lodged in visible places.

7. Aspirin or Ibuprofen: Headaches happen. And so do aching limbs – usually at the most inopportune times. And as far as valuable wedding tips go, be prepared by adding a little tube of aspirin or ibuprofen to your ‘bride must-haves’ cocktail purse. Even if you don’t need it, someone else just might.

8. Stain removal pen: You can find these handy, little pens everywhere. Plus, they’re small enough to be tucked into your cocktail purse filled with your other ‘bride must-haves.’ Just make sure to spot test the pen on a discreet part of your dress before applying it anywhere during the actual event. Some contain bleach, which may harm the fabric. For quick removal of a tiny, but noticeable stain, however, these pens are a god-send.

9. Hairbrush/comb: Tame those frizzies and stay beautiful throughout the day. Another of my favorite wedding tips is to purchase a fold-up brush, which is ideal for a small purse with precious space. A quick dab of lipstick and one or two brushes through your hair will have you ready to meet and greet with guests.

10. Emery board: There is nothing more annoying than a jagged nail. Keep your freshly manicured fingers looking lovely by taking a quick swipe of the emery board (or nail file) across it should one break or chip.

More Than Just Wedding Tips – Valuable Advice

These ten bride must-haves and wedding tips will ensure that you are prepared for your big day. Weather the day effortlessly by testing out your wardrobe, makeup, and hair in advance as well as by packing a little cocktail purse with some of the essential bride must-haves listed above, like that tube of lipstick, compact mirror, aspirin, stain removal pen, comb, and emery board. Even if you don’t need them, you’ll be glad you had them. Think of these bride must-haves and wedding tips as a little helpful layer of extra protection.

The Five Biggest Wedding Preparation and Planning Mistakes

Just as with any big show, your wedding day will not be perfect – but that’s okay. While you cannot plan ahead for every little detail or problematic situation that may arise, you can arm yourself with some helpful advice to be prepared at all times for any potential wedding mistakes. But before you begin planning your special day, consider these five biggest wedding preparation and planning mistakes that amateur ‘wedding planners’ often make.

1. Not Budgeting Costs

It’s hard to believe, but true – many couples do not create a budget when it comes to wedding preparation and end up in a deep hole of debt. The very first thing you should do to avoid disastrous (and bankrupting) wedding mistakes is devise an itemized budget, allowing for the necessary requirements, such as a venue for both the ceremony and reception, food and drinks, flowers, favors, decorations, etc. If anything is left over, either use this money for your honeymoon or spend it on something a little more frivolous, like a horse drawn carriage for your departure from the reception.

Budgeting ahead of time also involves your acknowledging the fact that you may surpass the total by at least 10%. Surprises do happen, so cutting back on other needless things will ensure that you don’t go over budget too much. In these initial wedding preparation stages, you and your fiancé need to discuss who will be paying for what. It used to be that the bride’s parents paid for everything, but this ideal is slowly fading away. If you’re still coming up short on funds, there are literally hundreds of ways to cut costs for your wedding day, including having fewer guests, choosing an off-season date, selecting flowers that are in season, and having friends and family play a bigger part by making the wedding cake or trying their hand at photography.

2. Not Giving Yourself Enough Time

The image of the harried bride has been engrained into the psyche through a number of television shows that hype up the combination of little to no time and a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude. This is why giving yourself ample wedding preparation time is necessary to ensuring that your wedding flows seamlessly. If you want a large, extravagant wedding, you need to begin planning at least a year and a half in advance; for a smaller, more intimate wedding of about 50 guests, eight months to a year is fine. You need to take into account what your plans are for your wedding and adjust your schedule accordingly to prevent costly wedding mistakes from occurring.

Giving yourself more wedding preparation time allows you to order your cake, dress, wedding favors, flowers, decorations, etc. well in advance so that you don’t come up empty-handed from last minute rushing. Allotting enough time also applies to your wedding ceremony and reception. Don’t keep your guests waiting at the reception venue while you and your wedding party are taking hundreds of photos – consider taking a majority of the pictures before the ceremony and the all-important couple, wedding party, and family pictures after the vows have been exchanged.

3. Not Delegating Responsibilities

Delegating responsibilities, wedding preparation tasks, and roles is vital – you cannot do everything! For brides, their bridesmaids are there to help them with the important duties of the wedding day, so creating a short list of responsibilities for each friend is not unexpected. Mothers, family members, and friends are also glad to help run a few errands or make calls for you if you ask. Just make sure you ask someone you know will get the job done on time.

Part of the wedding experience also relies on a number of people who require detailed wedding preparation directives from you, such as the caterer, photographer, florist, transportation and/or drivers, and DJ. Discussing your ideas with them ensures that you can work together on the same wavelength and avoid embarrassing wedding mistakes during the actual reception. You should also arrange for the wedding party to meet at the church or the wedding ceremony location at a specified time. Corralling so many people at the same time is what leads many couples to pick up the wedding party members at their homes. Late arriving wedding party members is one of the most frequent and sometimes uncontrollable wedding mistakes a bride and groom have to deal with.

4. Not Hiring a Wedding Planner or Someone You Trust

Many brides swear by their wedding planners, and yes, it’s true that they take care of just about everything involved in wedding preparation and planning, preventing a number of the more common wedding mistakes brides make. It’s kind of like you and your fiancé are the stars, while the wedding planner works behind the scenes for your big performance, seeing everything from start to finish. Wedding planners know all the ins and outs of great wedding preparation and planning and can help the couple find reliable caterers, bridal attire and supply stores, transportation, and DJs at lower prices. Before signing any contracts, however, talk with the wedding planner to see if it’s a situation you’re happy with.

While incredibly helpful, wedding planners can also be pricey, unfortunate for the bride who is trying to cut costs. This scenario goes back to delegating responsibilities – ask someone you trust to help you make wedding preparation arrangements and appointments with each wedding supply store and/or vendor. You can even scale back operations and have a simplistic wedding that you plan or DIY completely to save money.

5. Not Fully Considering the Reception Venue and Details

Sending your guests on a wild goose chase to find the reception venue is something that happens more often than you’d think and is one of the biggest wedding mistakes couples overlook. For out-of-town guests, this is confusing; for in-town guests, it’s an annoyance. Choosing a reception venue that’s close to the wedding site is a must, unless you provide the transportation to and from the reception. More than 15 – 20 minutes away is a hassle, and some guests may not even bother going if it’s farther than that.

Otherwise, if your reception venue is outside (or exposed to the elements), rain and windy conditions may appear so you should always have a back up in cases of inclement weather. A rained out wedding reception is one of the more common wedding mistakes brides have neglected to plan for. Part of the wedding preparation necessities should also include your requesting the venue’s landscaper to spray for bugs so your guests aren’t being bitten by mosquitoes and gnats.

Learn to Laugh Off Those Wedding Mistakes

Pre-wedding preparation, while helpful, will inevitably miss some little detail of your big day. These wedding mistakes (or, more likely, minor ‘blips’) are to be expected and may even provide a funny moment for you and your fiancé to laugh about in the future. Wedding mistakes do and will happen, but you shouldn’t be bothered by them. Simply go on with the show and smile – no one will know the difference!

Your Wedding Budget – Where to Spend and Where to Save on Your Wedding

Weddings are becoming increasingly more expensive and the average couple is bombarded with ways to spend their wedding budget. But, there are some places where you can spend your wedding money more wisely and get more bang for your buck. So which areas of your wedding should you save on and which should you splurge on? When you know where to spend money and where to cut costs, it will be much easier for you to get what you want from your wedding budget.

Where to cut costs:

Wedding Favors

Favors are the little gifts that you give your guests at your wedding reception. Brides and grooms can pay from as little as $0.30 to as much as $3.00 per favor. For a wedding with a guest list of 150 guests, $3.00 per favor will end up costing the happy couple a whopping $450.

When it comes to wedding favors, the big question is “Who cares?” Many guests who will come to your wedding don’t know that it’s customary to receive a favor and a lot of people don’t even know what a wedding favor is. What’s more, how many weddings have you been to that you remember the wedding favor? There are better places to spend your money. Cut the cost for your wedding by doing a very inexpensive wedding favor or skipping them altogether.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations run the gamut in terms of cost and you can find them on the internet from anywhere between $0.87 and upwards of $6.00 per invitation. With such a huge difference in price, one has to wonder what the big difference between these invitations is. Well, it comes down to printing methods, types of ink, paper and extras (like ribbons or vellum.) But for the average wedding, you can definitely err on the cheaper side when it comes to invitations and no one will be the wiser.

Most wedding guests are not well versed on the difference between thermography and engraving and they will not notice whether you have your invitations printed or if you print them on your computer at home (as long as they’re on professional card stock of course.) So, to save your budget for other things, do your wedding invitations for less than $1.00 each. Depending on the size of your guest, you can save $100 or more. Doing so will give you a little extra room in other areas.

Where to spend a little extra:

Wedding Reception Food

The reception at your wedding may be the biggest party you ever host. And as a good host, you’ll want to make sure that your guests are well fed with delicious food. Particularly with a long wedding ceremony, most guests are famished by the time that the food is served at your wedding reception.

Reception food costs can range from the mid $100’s to the mid $1,000’s depending on the type of reception you have and how many guests attend. Catering for your reception is one place that you do not want to scrimp on. Don’t subject your hungry guests to bland pasta or tough meat in order to save money. If you go cheap on your reception food, it will leave guests with a bad taste in their mouths about your wedding, literally.

Providing excellent food at your reception will add something wonderful to your experience and your guests’ experience of your wedding. Splurging on reception food is one thing that’s definitely worth the money.

Wedding Photography

The pictures taken at your wedding allow you to remember your wedding day forever. When you look back on your wedding photos in years to come, you’ll remember your wedding day and you’ll have a clear record of who attended and what everything looked like. Wedding photography is one place that you don’t want to cut costs.

Typical wedding packages will run from $500 to about $2,000. If that seems like a lot of money, think about what the memories from your wedding are worth to you. Be sure to hire a professional photographer who specializes in wedding or event photography. When you hire a quality photographer, your photos will be worth every penny.

Paying for a wedding is a huge undertaking for most couples. With the right knowledge, you can make more of your wedding budget. When you trim a little in certain places, you’ll be able to splurge in other areas or cut your overall wedding cost for a less expensive wedding.