Finding Wedding Favors Under $1

Now that you are down to figuring out wedding favors, you are probably bearing down on the big day like a freight train. These are notoriously one of the last aspects of the wedding plan and as such get the shaft. Many couples look at the prices and throw the towel in.

The good news is that there are thousands of cute wedding favors under $1 that will give your guests something to remember the wedding. Choose wisely and your guests will not even think for a moment that you are cheap!

Candy is a popular gift, but you do not just want to throw down bare candy on the beautiful table arrangement.

Look around and you will find that there are adorable little tins, boxes, and containers everywhere that can be used to ‘class-up’ the candy.

You would be surprised how many guests eat up the candy, then go on the hunt after the ceremony to snag as many of the cute little boxes as they can. Once the candy is emptied, guests like to use them to hold jewelry, medicine, mints, and who knows what else. The point is that every time a little box is re-purposed, your guest will think fondly of your wedding. Not everybody will take them home, but a few people will clean up, and it will be amusing to watch the mad dashQ

Other fabulous favors under $1 include unique tea candles, magnets, notepads, and votive holders.

Tea candles are a favorite gift because they can be found in so many shapes. There is a special candle for every bride and groom. Candles can range from sophisticated to downright silly.

On the candle note, there are also votive holders. Every guest needs another candle holder in their life. Why not give them one that helps them remember you? With a little craftiness, a boring old votive holder can be transformed into a beautiful keepsake. Simply glue (make sure you use high temperature hot glue or other heat-safe glue) on festive decorations, paint on a design or even handwrite a short message on the holder and voila! Your guests will dig on customized wedding favors under $1.

With a little ingenuity, craftiness, and creativity, you can find memorable wedding favors under $1. It is understandable if you do not have enough time to customize all the little gifts, and we say… that is what bridesmaids are for! Have a little fun with the favors and remember that it does not have to be expensive to be memorable.