How Can Kids Add to Your Wedding Photos?

When you have finally decided on getting married to your beloved partner, there are many matters that should be planned and sorted out before the wedding. Many will agree that one of the toughest wedding tasks to settle on is the Guest List. There are so many possible awkward social situations that a bad guest list decision can caused, and others just keep letting you know more about it. One particular guest list dilemma is whether or not you would be inviting children. Most of wedding couples sit on the fence when it comes to inviting children. On one hand, you have heard stories about how some children behave badly at weddings, but on the other hand, you heard how children can liven up the wedding.

Your invited guest family might also be hesitant about bring their children to a wedding. Many are unsure how their children are going to behave at an event where there is a lot of excitement and rituals. Being a social event, the adults might not have the time to keep an eye on their little ones throughout the event, and sometimes a scene could not be avoided. But as parents, they do so like to see their angles looking pretty in that pink satin or mighty smart in that tuxedo. They would also like to give their children the chance to socialize and experience an event as romantic as a wedding.

There are many points of view to a situation. For a wedding photographer, children definitely make an interesting subject with their innocence and spontaneity. Not only do they draw in our attention with their actions, their actions often influence the adults that surround them. A stern looking grandpa suddenly lit up and smiles his toothless smile when he sees his little granddaughter running towards him. A nervous bride giggles when her young guests tried to take cover under her gown’s train to hide from their parents. The ballroom full of guests swooning over how cute the little flower girl and boy are when they march in, trying their best to sprinkle as much flower petals as possible.

Children are unpredictable by nature. They can make your event enjoyable but they can sometimes create some problems too. Like the little ring bearer start wailing when the bride and groom are saying their wedding vows. Or your young flower girl suddenly decided she is tired and sit down in the middle of the aisle instead of marching on. Or the mother of your little guest runs around the ballroom trying to stop her child from further mischief. The little ones sure are capable of creating chaos and embarrassing situation for you

But captured on your wedding photographer’s camera, all these become memorable documentary of the biggest day of your life. After all, wedding rituals and ceremonies might not differ much from wedding to wedding, those spontaneous moment help to make your wedding more memorable, especially to those guests who had been to several weddings. These little mischievous deeds and innocent actions caught on camera, will give the guests and the wedding couples happy reminders of the wedding even though the day is long over. Those innocent smile mischievous grins, big curious eyes shown through your wedding photographs, will continue to captivate you when you flip through your wedding album years from your wedding day.

Having those charming young guests in your wedding not only lighten the mood on the wedding day but also make your wedding photographs and memories joyful in their own way, which add new dimensions to your wedding photos.