Wedding Favor Bags Make Perfect Goody Bags for Your Guests

Not sure what to give out for favors? Start with wedding favor bags then look for things to fill them up with. Sometimes trying to figure out what to give your guests for favors can get confusing. Do you give candy, cookies, mints, candles, cookies?

If you start with little favor bags, that can actually help you make the decision. Why? When you start with the bag, you know what will fit inside and that can help narrow down your choices.

So what all can you put inside of these little bags? Here are some ideas – obviously you’ll want to use the right kind of bag for whatever you’re giving:

  • cookies
  • candy
  • personalized book of matches
  • personalized “matchbook” candy
  • little keychains
  • small bookmarks
  • personalized soaps
  • small figurines
  • cosmetics (lip balm for example)
  • bottle openers
  • small votive or tealight candle
  • miniature flashlight
  • small box of crayons for kids
  • personalized Post-It notes or notepads
  • a combination of any of the above!

Cellophane and Vellum Wedding Favor Bags

Cellophane and Vellum bags are great to start out with, especially the clear ones. Or you can use colored or decorative bags to coordinate with your wedding theme.

Either type of bag is a great choice when you’re giving an assortment of candies, a cupcake or a couple of cookies. They’ll stay fresh, especially if you use a ribbon or thin string to keep them closed.

You can use cellophane wedding favor bags even if you’re not giving edible wedding favors. Since they close up nice, you can use just about anything that will fit inside of them.

Idea: Drop some homemade cookies in the wedding favor bags, tie them up and attach a recipe bookmark to each one with the recipe written on them.

Organza or Tulle Favor Bags

These favor bags are great when you’re giving non-edible favors like soaps, candles, or little figurines that aren’t breakable.

They’re also a great way to give out shotglasses with little candies or a candle inside.

Idea: Place a shotglass on a piece of tissue paper. Add some candies or a votive candle.

Bring the tissue paper up around the glass and place it in the organza or tulle wedding favor bags.

Tie the ribbon or string around the top.

Some organza bags are made with drawstring tops to make it easy to tie shut.

Wedding Favor Bags and Bookmarks

Bag and bookmarks are an awesome combination!

Idea: Give homemade wedding cookies. Wrap them in plastic wrap and place inside any of the wedding favor bags you’ve decided to use.

Have the ingredients printed on one side of the bookmarks and the baking instructions printed on the other.

Now your guests will have a forever keepsake from your wedding long after the cookies are eaten!

Ideas for Gender-Specific Favors

Some couples like giving “men and women” specific favors. If you decide to do this, you can use white wedding favor bags for your female guests and black for the male guests.

Some ideas for gender-specific favors might be bottle openers for men and keychains for women.

Or bride and groom candies or cookies where you’ll give the women the bride cookies and men the groom cookies.

Favors for the Kids – Use Organza Bags

Here’s a cute idea for the kids. Drop into the organza bags little boxes of crayons and some coloring pages.

Just roll up the coloring page in a tube, tie them up and drop them into the bags with some crayons and candies.

Whatever you come up with, wedding favor bags will help you keep your favors organized, especially if you’re giving different favors to the kids than to the adults.